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The unbeatable highlight of your birthday: 

Celebrate your birthday or anniversary with a virtuoso performance by saxophonist Juozas Kuraitis, who guarantees an unforgettable experience for every guest.


A variety of music: 

Light jazz melodies, romantic saxophone compositions and everyone's favourite pop hits. And a dance music programme specially prepared for your celebration will only add to the party mood.


Individual attention: 

Juozas Kuraitis listens carefully to each client's wishes in order to tailor the music program to personal expectations.


Comprehensive musical training: 

He can enrich your performances with a variety of musical arrangements, with a partial phonogram, accompanied by a pianist, a singer, or even with your preferred band.


Services throughout Lithuania:

Juozas brings all the necessary equipment, ensuring a quality performance throughout the country, from the biggest cities to the smallest villages.

Whether you're planning a warm family reunion or a big anniversary, the music of Juozas Kuraitis will add a special touch to your celebration.


Music that creates the perfect atmosphere and a lasting impression is an integral part of any event. Contact us now! Our services are available throughout Lithuania.

Solution: 24Unite - agency

Solution: 24Unite - agency

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