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One of Lithuania's most famous and talented saxophonists. He won or was awarded in various competitions in Lithuania and abroad. He has been playing the saxophone since he was very young, so he is able to adapt to different genres of music. The saxophonist has performed in various European countries and the United States. He also actively shares live music in Lithuania, performing at various events and festivals throughout Lithuania.

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I used to listen to the recordings all the time, it's beautiful.. but I'm glad I had the chance to hear it live, I changed my mind. It's something extraordinary.. magical.. enchanting.. enchanting.. I would listen to it for eternity.

Vitalija Šilobrit

I recommend it 100%. It was amazing!!!

Rima Vilkelienė

Wonderful person with a sense of humor, and the sound of the saxophone and the choice of music and professionalism are simply unbeatable 😁👌 11/10

Simonas Andžius

In Lithuania, we have not only a great saxophonist but also a humble and sincere man. We would like to wish him good health and success for many years. We love the pieces you play and you, Maestro Juozas.

Irena Enida Goman

Thank you! Ten points for both the music and the sincerity. Super super super, a great part of our celebration! Only the best recommendations!

Laura Arlauskė

Perfect, everything sounds so sensitive and beautiful ❤️😊
Rasa Grušelionienė

He made our party magical and unforgettable! THANK YOU!

It was very easy to communicate with Juozas, it took just one meeting to coordinate everything and we just met at our party 🙂 After talking to him, everything seems so easy and stress-free 🙂 I can really recommend him to everyone! 🙂
Edita Zemlevičienė



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